On Life’s Terms

Trudging down the sidewalk,
One foot after one,
Enter the lobby, push the button,
Wait for the lift to come.

Get up to the office,
Quietly take your seat,
Begin to struggle through your day,
And tomorrow, we’ll repeat.

There’s barely time for anything
That doesn’t make a dime.
And no one will care how you feel;
You can’t break down on company time.

Is this what you imagined
When you would drift off to sleep?
When you were a child did you dream
Of the corporate ladder much too steep?

Or did you dream of other things
That you’d grow up to be?
A doctor? A fire fighter? Maybe a vet?
That now seems out of reach?

Why is it so common
To give up on your dreams?
There’s an expiration on imagination
So we lie to our kids, it seems.

We tell them they can be anything,
To follow their hearts and minds.
That is until they get “too old”
And their hopes just have to die.

Why is it so weird, so wrong
For someone to want to do more?
To want to be more than ordinary,
Like so many have been before?

And who decided on these terms,
And who decided we all agree?
Birth certificates sign a contract
We never even got to read.

Looking at the world this way,
It all seems rather mad.
So tell me is it any wonder
Why so very many are so sad?


Jack Mason, 2017



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