Storyteller. Basically a superhero.
A work in progress.


Jack Mason is a writer from New York. This blog contains pieces she has written, such as poems and essays. She also writes stories, such as the ones that can be found on her horror blog, therookisouttoplay. In addition to the horror blog, Mason posts on a personal blog, which has a number of essays that will appear on Three Deep Breaths in the future, that can be found here.

When not working on her own projects, Mason writes for the Fierce Ferret Foundry, of which she is a proud team member. She has written for the web comic “Dungeon Minis,” and has made contributions as a co-writer for an upcoming video game being developed by the group.

When she is not writing, she can be found with friends, playing video games, or plunging head-first into rabbit holes on the internet.

If you would like to post Jack Mason’s work, in whole or in part, somewhere else on the internet, please contact her to ask for permission to do so first. If you would like to publish her work in print or digital media, please contact her to discuss your intentions and for permission. Also, of course, please attribute any usage to Jack Mason.

Thank you for taking interest in Mason’s work. It is appreciated more than can ever be adequately expressed.


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